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20-May-2016 12:19

The heart of her husband safely trusts in her, and he profits greatly thereby.Happy is the man who fears YHWH, who delights greatly in His commandments. SINCE I BECAME AWARE OF THE TRUTH, I HAVE COME TO THE REALIZATION THAT COMMONALITIES ARE VERY IMPORTANT, ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO BELIEFS.I HAVE FOUND MYSELF LOOKING FOR A MAN…Continue I'm not single, but just wanted to pop in to say something because it seems that there are only guys in here..To the best of my knowledge, the system of courtship practiced by my ancestors both in Eastern and Central Europe, bore strong resemblance to that which is in effect today. The question of historical precedent, however, is somewhat academic.We cannot proceed without acknowledging that even our most Torah-true circles possess very Western ideals and values in love and marriage.I am not speaking of the negative ones – although these too affect us and we must acknowledge them – but positive ones, norms like closeness, partnering, and mutually supportive relationships.There is a vast and fertile field of discussion that we might cultivate.

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Just because you met in a Jewish-specific setting doesn’t guarantee that you’ll each organically understand where the other person is coming from. Chemistry is important, but character is essential.

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