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28-Oct-2016 09:33

I’m proud to work with your fellow students and they’ve largely enjoyed the experience as well, having nominated me for multiple teaching awards which I received in 20.

I’m writing to you because something strange happened earlier this month when the University’s Student Senate passed a resolution entitled, “A Resolution Calling for Tufts University to End Investments in the Israeli Occupation.” As a faculty member of the University, a scholar dedicated to supporting academic freedom, and a dual-citizen of both America and Israel, I cannot stand by and allow such an action to go unanswered.

Let us review the facts: Israel is the lone democracy in a sea of military, theocratic, and monarchic dictatorships throughout the Middle East (for respective examples please see Turkey, Iran, and Saudi Arabia).

Israel is dedicated to protecting personal religious freedoms – for major religions as well as ethnic minorities such as Armenians, Druze, and Assyrian Christians – as well as freedom of press and enterprise.

Many of these were straightforward, such as wealth, income, height, etc.

However, they all can be seen as examples of prejudice.

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Another post is a bit less explicit: “Hey, im 20, a student at Harvard…

“Especially with craiglist, gay men are the people who use it the most.

If you look at the ads for men seeking women, or women seeking men, or women seeking women there are fewer of them,” says Brandon J. “Informally, anecdotally, I do notice that there tends to be more open conversation about it amongst my gay friends than amongst my straight friends,” says Marco Chan ’11, Co-Chair of Harvard College Queer Students and Allies.

Tufts women ranked fourth and Tufts men ranked sixth in the index.

According to Date My School Public Relations Director Melanie Wallner, the site generated the list using data collected from user profiles.

“What we’ve seen is that these figures do show who are the hottest users on the site.” Boston College topped the list for both men and women.