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Catching the eye of fellow Harvard students, privileged twins Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss (in which Fincher pulls a Ben Button and uses the body of Josh Pence and Armie Hammer’s face and voice) and Divya Narendra (Max Minghella), Zuckerberg is asked to join them in a venture to develop a dating website exclusively for Harvard students. Sorkin uses this dispute over intellectual property as the focus of the story, not Facebook itself.

While agreeing to do so, inspiration for The Facebook (as it was referred to in 2003) strikes and Zuckerberg strings his previous partners along just long enough to get his site up and running first. The narrative bounces between legal depositions brought against Zuckerberg by not only the Harvard trio, but his former friend, business partner and disgruntled source for Mezrich’s book, Eduardo Saverin (Andrew Garfield), who eventually sees himself cut out of Facebook and ends up suing as a result.

The phone and face-to-face were my tools for making and keeping up with friends.

And then I became a housedad and lost my confidence…and with it, my physical connection with the outside world.

Directed by David Fincher from an Aaron Sorkin screenplay, adapted from Ben Mezrich’s semi-fictional story of Facebook’s roots, “The Accidental Billionaires,” The Social Network portrays Zuckerberg as a villain who lies, cheats and steals his way to becoming the world’s youngest billionaire.

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His antics don’t earn him any friends, but it does earn him some measure of social status.

Keeping up with mates turned from a waterfall, to a weir, to a stream, to a trickle, and then eventually, a drought-baked riverbed of incommunicado.

Instead, I became a blogger, and a Tweeter (but never a Facebooker – that’s a bridge too far).

We all were Tom Sawyers or Huck Finns, hunting and fishing, camping out in both winter and summer, riding our bikes to Maude lake with no adults around and swim all day.

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Great hockey and ball teams, and as far as I know everyone went on to live a life of reasonable comfort,some more comfortable then others but no one as far as I know fell through the cracks,at least i hope not.Even email seemed impersonal: prone to misunderstanding, time-consuming, not immediate enough for the ebb and flow of a good old session of Putting The World To Rights.